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A Journal of American Architecture and Urbanism
Manifest, Issue No. 2: Call for Proposals


MANIFEST is requesting text, project, and photographic proposals for its second issue entitled, “Kingdoms of God.”

Issue 2 of MANIFEST takes up the issue of architecture and religion in the Americas. How does one mark the other? What are the spatial results of the impulse toward congregation and the individual desire to find a direct link to something beyond one’s self? How do religious institutions impact the politics of the built environment? How does architecture give face or meaning to religion? How does religion, however we might understand it, shape the formation of American landscapes and push back against regimes of national sovereignty, neoliberal economics, and cultural secularism? What is its architecture?


MANIFEST is interested in essays ranging from 1000-7500 words, projects, graphic narratives, photo essays, and interviews. For the call for proposals, we ask that authors submit an abstract of 300-500 words + relevant images along with a brief bio or CV. We encourage abstracts and proposals to provoke as much as describe and each should offer an insight into the narrative threads driving the work. Authorial tone can range from academic to irreverent, but all work should have a strong voice and display a high quality of writing. The subject matter is wholly up to the discretion of the authors. MANIFEST encourages the submission of pieces of historical interest alongside more projective tracts and speculative arguments. With the exception of built projects, work must be previously unpublished. Please submit all material in a single PDF (5MB maximum file size) to editors@manifestproject.org by Friday, 14 March 2014. Authors of selected proposals will be notified by the beginning of April and the editors will work with authors to develop their pieces.

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Manifest, Issue No. 1 Launch Events

Please join us in celebrating Manifest No. 1 at the first of our upcoming public launch events:

Friday, Oct. 4th, 18:00, Houghton Gallery, The Cooper Union

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 17:00, Princeton School of Architecture [Media + Modernity]

Each event will feature drinks and conversation on the state of American architecture, its cities, and its hinterland. Special guests include:

Diana Agrest
Luis Castañeda
Neil Donnelly
Mario Gandelsonas
James Graham
Christopher Heuer
Enrique Ramirez
and more…
Copies of issue 1 will be available for purchase at the events.

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Manifest, Issue No. 1: “Looking Inward” now available


$15.00 USD

208 pages

10 x 7 x 0.5 inches

Contributors include: John Stilgoe, Michael Walzer, Robert Longo, Diana Agrest, Florian Holzherr, Michael Maltzan, James Graham, Enrique Ramirez, Volker Welter, Robert Pietrusko, Luis Castaneda, Daniel Barber, June 14 Meyer-Grohbrugge Chermayeff, Joy Knoblauch, Dan Borelli, Ensamble Studio, Pedro Ignacio Alonso, GRNASFCK, David Karle, Patrick Haughey, Forbes Lipschitz, Fred Esenwein, Adam Michaels and Shannon Harvey.


12 Jan 2014, Note: Due to strong demand, issue 1 is now out of print. Copies are still available at McNally Jackson Books and Van Alen Books in New York, the Graham Foundation bookstore in Chicago, and will appear in additional bookstores shortly.

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Manifest featured in Surface Magazine’s 2012 Portfolio of American Influence.

Manifest featured in Surface Magazine’s 2012 Portfolio of American Influence.

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Manifest, Issue No. 1: Call for Proposals


MANIFEST, a new annual independent print journal on American architecture and urbanism, is requesting text, project, and photographic proposals for its first issue entitled, “Looking Inward.” Edited by Anthony Acciavatti, Justin Fowler, and Dan Handel, and supported in part by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, MANIFEST was founded to initiate a critical conversation about the state of American architecture, its cities, and its hinterland, tackling head-on what others have abandoned. While MANIFEST intends to question the assumptions behind singular constructions of America by tracing its origins and its global influence, the journal also strives to define the uniqueness of American forms of
city-building and the distinct set of material and political parameters through which these forms are shaped.

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